Self Build - It all starts with a dream!


Expertise and excellent value are at the heart of everything we do at Andrews. Whether it’s your first self-build or not our staff will be on hand to offer expert advice aimed at helping you complete your building project as efficiently and quickly as possible. Backed up by a reliable and flexible transport department that offers a free next day local delivery service.

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Before you even begin to search for your plot, you’ll need to set your budget and have your funding arranged. Having the right finance in place from the start can sometimes help seal the deal on a potential plot. There are plenty of online resources to start you off, such as Plot Browser and your local estate agent, but don’t under estimate word of mouth too. Don’t be afraid to approach a landowner if you spot a piece of land you like. There’s no harm in asking.

Once you’ve found your plot, take your ideas to a local estate agent, to see what the maximum value for your intended property or similar in that location would reach. If you then subtract the cost of the land from that figure that will give you the maximum amount you should spend on the build, without risking negative equity.
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